Ola Kopplinger-Weber

You have already laid your traces of light, now is the time to follow them.

My mother was a woman way ahead of her time, so even in my early twenties she brought me already into the connection of a life characterized by spirituality and happiness from the depths of my own soul.

This already lead me to my passion and career 25 years ago.

I was trained in the holy Agni (Fire) Tradition as an Alpha Chi Consultant, Spirituell Teacher.

As well as the teachings of Haidakhan Babaji (simplicity, truth and love) – in order to dive deep into his teachings, I have spent many years in his Ashram at the foothills of the Himalays in Nordindia.

All of this has awoken my passion to be a bridge of the deep levels of spirituality and a grounded human western life.

The passion of being successful on all levels of ones human being.

In order to live a happy live one needs to learn how to truly follow their own lead – this is not something that most people have been raised with or taught. 

Rather the have been taught how to succeed in the environment to the standarts of what was available in the society they were raised in and what would lead them to success within this availability.

I see myself as a mentor and teacher for people who want to follow their own true destiny.

A mentor and teacher that leads people in their truly happy existence.


In her burns the deep connection with the fire of creation. She embodies the essence of creation – stimulating the highest potential in everyone that leads to individual success.

In this quality of time, her presence brings the untrue into the light. 
She raises the truth of the creative power and brings it to light.


Her presence reminds people’s hearts to move forward and express their true self and light.

Her guidance tirelessly serves those who want to engage with the potential of their origin and bring their path to fulfillment as a successful human being.

She embodies clarity, truthfulness and love in simplicity. She is a blessing for those who want to embrace their innermost qualities and the arrival of these in their lives.

She supports us in leaving detours and leads us to the core of development – to fulfillment and joy.

Whenever you meet her in your life, she carries the answer to your spiritual questions and recognizes the connections of your heart, your being and your true origin.

She is a pioneer in paving the path from the fire of her heart.

 In her striding forward, she awakens the power that has been forgotten over incarnations.

She is a trailblazer and pioneer for all those who want to pour themselves into the abundance of their being.

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