The path to the power of the female Shiva

Fulfillment in being a woman!

The power of the female Shiva is the power within us women that allows us to be unrestrained.

The power from which we realize ourselves.

The power within us women that is indisputably connected to the divine laws.

The power that knows and stands!

The power that does not bend or allow itself to be bent.

The power that implements, because it knows its own divine laws.

The power that we sometimes ask ourselves about other women: Where does she get this power from?

The power, when you ask yourself afterwards, where did I get this power and endurance from back then?

The power of the female Shiva is the fulfillment of the fire within you, which sparkles with pure joy and vitality.

Imagine standing in a storm with your long hair blowing.

In your hand, a bright fire-colored lotus flower, from which a ruby-red pearl rises at the core.

You know the gift and quality of this fire-lighting lotus flower.

The space that offers protection, the inevitable power of love, the core – the red ruby space – your womb space that roots you in your elementary power and your primal trust.

Well, how would that be?

Exactly, you would know for sure that no matter how strong the coming storm might be, you would survive!

Not only that, you feel in every cell of your being that you are connected – connected to the elementary forces, the divine law.

You know that you are irrevocable, taking with you everyone and everything that wants to join your divinity.

This is the power
of the female Shiva.

Shiva translated from Sanskrit means: „The happy one”

The time has come when this power within us is needed again – we can unpack it and fully embrace it.

This is the time when this power in us women wants to reveal itself again.
It is the power of women changing the world.

We all come from one source, born from the womb of the Divine Mother.

The source didn’t ask who you are and where you stand. It simply knew the law of time – to give birth to you.

In the womb of the Divine Mother we are all one and yet we are here as completely individual beings.

So you are a woman who has come here to fulfill herself.

In a time when society is trying to standardize everything, we often find it difficult to access our individual womanhood.

And yet there are so many keys hidden in it when we set out to be the woman who fulfills herself.

The power of the female Shiva picks you up where you can be the woman you actually are. I am walking this path with a group of selected women in an online retreat!

We start on: September 14, 2024

We will walk the path together for 7 months.
And see each other every 3 weeks for a live healing session online via Zoom and are connected in a group for the whole time.

Price for the entire period: € 7,200 including VAT.

Mhhh, what can you take with you?

  • You become aware of the power of the female Shiva within you
  • You learn to use them according to your law. You heal what prevents you from standing in this power
  • You learn to stand within yourself – even when your surroundings are stormy
  • You find fulfillment within yourself
  • You take your position and those around you will position themselves accordingly
  • You accept what you are entitled to according to divine law
  • You will become your source of strength of joy, inspiration and fulfillment … and much more!
  • …but most of all the woman that you are!!