*Guidance from the fire – prayers are answered*

This summer academy was born out of the two of us and as you know us, naturally very close to God.

It is with great joy that we want to spend this summer with a group of people who are striving for more in life.

*More of who they are*
– Our fire will lead you, in this summer academy, into the depths of your true soul desires.

*More of what truly fulfills them*
– You accept your soul desires with ease and we initiate the energetic manifestation with you.

*More of where the fire of joy sparkles*
– We accompany you in your spiritual and emotional manifestation – you will know that fulfillment is near.

*More support to fuel your own fire*
– We bring relaxation into your system – so that it gains certainty that only the right amount of energy is released at the right moment – just as it suits you.

*More of yourself*
– Your fire will gain in expression and visibility, simply because it is you and you have accepted yourself from your origin.

*More success in all situations in life*
– Your fire will be the answer and fulfillment on your path and flow into your life.

The summer months are perfect for stoking your fire so that you can tap into the sun within you even when it’s no longer shining outside.

*Prayers are answered*
– When Aruna sits by the fire with you, you will know that your prayers are being answered.

*Guidance in the fire*
– When Ola sits with you by the fire, you will know that your path is already paved.

This Summer Academy is a unique opportunity to rekindle your fire of joy for your path.

To connect in community and have deeply fulfilling experiences.

Let’s use this summer to nourish our souls and let our inner fire shine brightly.

With love and anticipation,
Ola and Aruna