Purification on all levels


Let go of the old – fill yourself with you

12 Healing days for body, mind and beyond

Would you like to let go of old baggage and start your future with new impetus?

Would you like to detox on a physical and mental level in order to have more space for yourself and the essential in your life?

By this time we all know that we are more than just a body. That’s why we have created »Detox your life – and fill yourself with you« as a program, that includes not only the physical, but also the mental, emotional and ethereal level.

The program includes:

  • 1 detox schedule
  • daily meditation concerning the meridians and organs
  • acupressure exercises to support emotional detox
  • 15 min of yoga exercise every day
  • recipes for 12 days
  • detox water
  • detox teas
  • detox pellets
  • energetic salt ‘be light’
  • homeopathic medicine for detox of liver, kidney and lymph
  • 1 1 personal coaching session (20 min) via Messenger/Skype/WhatsApp or Phone during the program
  • closed facebook group for support and interaction
  • daily support through me.


Upcoming date:
16. Nov. – 27. Nov. 2019


€ 450.- incl. tax
repeaters pay half price.






Let the salts solve what is behind your dental problems

Energetic healing of dental problems

Do you think ‘this sounds like magic’? I say this ‘this is exactly what it is’.

Let’s tackle the problem at the root.


Teeth are still a mystery, even in natural healing and homeopathy. Even the alternative practitioner has often no choice than to say: the tooth must go.

And even if the tooth is gone, you are often not without pain or you can feel as a sensitive person, that there is something unresolved.

It is not true, that the issue is gone with the tooth. It still operates at the same spot in the jawbone or on the next tooth.

We have created an energetic healing of dental problems as a method to solve the issue at its source. Because your ethereal memory fields can only heal when they have been given a healing impulse.

My offer includes:

  • Treatment of inflammation and softening of teeth and in the area of the jaw-bone.
  • Treatment of caries.
  • Treatment of dental interference fields (e.g. fillings, crowns, bridges, teeth with root-canal fillings).
  • Grinding of teeth.




Price per treated tooth € 200.- (incl. tax)
Complete jaw  € 2.100.– (incl. tax)
the relevant shipping costs for aftercare salt (it is included in the treatment costs).

Price for grinding of teeth treatment:

Expense compensation depends on the number of sessions.
Before we start the treatment I will download a free reading of the healing process for you. You can decide after that.

I treat via video call/Skype or wherever you can meet me. Ich habe schon sehr gute Erfolge mit diesen Behandlungen erzielt. I have achieved notable successes with this treatment. Please be aware that this is an energetic healing of dental problems and that I can’t make promises of cure.




Treatment of inflammation and softening of teeth and in the area of the jaw-bone
I go back to the source of the occurred inflammation/softening, the source of the incapacity to heal and solve this issue.

I would like to point out that you can only treat one inflammation a day because your body will need time for regeneration and detoxification, similar to the experience of a surgery.

The interval between individual inflammation treatments is different and can be requested at the first treatment.

After each treatment you have to do some aftercare for yourself twice a day, with the corresponding salt. This is necessary for about 1-4 months.

Treatment of caries

The same principle applies to Caries. Even if caries is removed by the dentist, it doesn’t mean that we have chosen a complete healing path. Besides the lack of mineral nutrients there might be an ethereal-energetical issue behind all of this. This is probably the reason why your body reaches out for help.

I go back to the source of the occurred caries and solve the issue.

I can download for you a possible nutrition counseling as well.

You need to do an aftercare treatment with the corresponding salt twice a day.

Treatment of dental interference fields (e.g. fillings, crowns, bridges, teeth with root-canal fillings)

Who hasn’t heard of it? There is a big problem with material intolerances in the mouth that even occur with good choices and big investments for the best materials, that are available right now.

Our system often refuses these materials, because they are an unknown field and therefore a possible interference field. This resistance can show up in different symptoms.

We’ve developed a transference of interference fields for that.

I overwrite the interference field, so that your body can accept it. The transference disintegrates after 6-8 months and should be repeated as individual need arises.

Grinding of teeth

This treatment is much more extensive.

Devotion is the key for healing. Grinding of teeth is a symptom of suppression. Only if the suppressed part can come back to consciousness and love, peace can enter into the night.

The process is as follows:

1st Step counseling

I look at the divine order of the client neutrally to find out where this internal riot comes from.

2nd Step: Place strips of light

This is a technique, which enables me to see the healing paths and the necessary steps for the healing process (usually 2 – 7 sessions with time intervals in between).

If the client decides to take this path, we can go to Step 3.

3rd Step: Strengthening and protection for the teeth

I apply a special salt healing technique and place an energetic mouth guard around the teeth for protection. This supports the teeth in being integrated into a flow of light and body.

4. Schritt: Salt to stop the grinding

This special salt removes the issues that caused the grinding and protects you from teeth grinding during the time of the treatment. You can sprinkle it every evening on your toothpaste and brush your teeth.

It is important to adjust the treatment and the detoxification to the individual client!

Expense compensation depends on the number of sessions.

Per session € 250.- incl. Tax.

Before we start the treatment I will download a free reading of the healing process for you.

You can decide after that.

Self-awareness - self-acceptance – self-actualization

The path into light

Intensive Retreat

developed by Frank Eickermann.


As I attended this intensive retreat – the path into light – more than 15 years ago myself, I had the feeling of being able to breathe properly for the first time of my life. Suddenly I stopped having questions about the meaning of life and why I am here. I started to get to know myself and felt the first spark from which I could create.
It was the start of me presenting myself consciously to the world and to integrate my qualities into my life. I developed a true sense of my gifts and got the tools for the implementation.
My life changed completely and above all it was the beginning and the end of my search.

The first two days are about:
Finding your own position and recognizing who you really are and what you can change.

Day 3 and 4 are about:
Practicing the change and integrating it into your life.


Be honest:

  • How many times have you really asked yourself why you are here on this earth?
  • What your life’s work looks like and what purpose you have to fulfill in this life?
  • You know, that every person has certain qualities. But what are your qualities that are fulfilling you and other humans?
  • How much longer do you want to wait to get to your clarity?

Through the energy that we will provide for you during these four days, it will be really easy to access your own divine source.

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Development at the speed of light

Initiation into your freedom

If you really want to grow!

If you really want to live in your space of inner freedom,

if you are ready to let go of the old and step into your space of freedom,

the initiation into the space of inner freedom is just the right thing for you.


online oder live
Investment € 1.500.–
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