1 : 1 Mentoring

Go for Gold
I want to grow

Your fire – your path

All that matters, is you!

Sometimes you will come to a point in your life where everything seems to be boring or you’ve lost your clarity.
It is the (inner) fire, that is missing.
Your structures hold you back, it has become increasingly difficult to feel light and alive.

It requires transformation, deep healing and inspiration for the awakening of you, the journey to your true power, into the adventure of your life.


With Go for Gold I hold the torch for you for 6 months, so you can ignite your own fire to

  • spark off the fire in your life.
  • discover your own guidance and expand your self-confidence.
  • find a space of being nourished and held within yourself and to experience this warm attitude as the soil of your life..
  • discover your own power as the source of life and to create your life from this space, so that it will make you happy.
  • inspire your life so you can feel a tingling sense of joy every day.

The process

We will meet twice per month live or via Skype.

Your growth is supported energetically by salts.

Participation in the detox program is included, if your body is calling for that, or a personal fire message.