this is what clients say about my work

about the retreats


Dear Ola,
for days, I wanted to give you a feedback and above all thank you for the blessed time I could spend with you at the ‘center of the universe’ – at Haidakhan. But how to find words for this?
So I will start with describing the exterior and hope that this will help me to express what I really want to say.
You prepared for us a magical flying carpet, that took us purposeful and gentle into the magic world of the divine mother.
Your deep connection to this place opened the doors, the landing within our own being came almost unnoticed.
You took care of everything and supported us, so we could dedicate every second to immerse into oneness. I was so showered in the grace of this place that an idea formed inside of me, a memory, a smell that I’m able to follow from now on. The “Om Namah Shivaya” has captured me.
This is my attempt to express my gratitude that you, Ola, are following your guidance and taking people like me home to the center of the universe.
Thank you. And thanks to the wonderful beings that shared this experience with me.
Nura Allenspach

about the energetic healing of dental problems


My body reacted with initial worsening. Ola led me confidently through this transformation. I felt loved and supported. It has demonstrated clearly to me how much can be stored in our jaw and teeth. I already know that there is a connection between teeth and organs. It is for that reason that I am glad that Ola treated this. Thank you so much, Ola.
Sharam Tiemann

This is from a mother of a 14-year old son that was treated by me:
DThe dental healing has moved things for me too. Something returned to me and went through me to my ancestors. It was intense. Thank you!

Customer report

Hello dear Ola,
what happens to my jaw is awesome. When I woke up this morning, it felt like the missing tooth was back again, as if there was too much in my mouth. When I did my daily oil pulling, it hurt on the left side to the neck and shoulder blade. I understand now why I had this tension and pain at the left trapezius muscle. At breakfast, I noticed that I only chewed on the left side with 1 tooth but it felt as if they were all there.
I feel so full of energy and clear. And I have something to add: At noon the hot/cold test went well. No more pain … just the fear is left.
Martina Esra Dissertori

about Fire Messages

Dear Ola,
thank you for the message. You wouldn’t believe how helpful that was. Yes, I’m really tested by attacks from the outside, and doubts appear, if I am ok. My life’s work.
I just had a counseling by a dear friend.
Now I have everything I need. No more words needed. I’m touched and so grateful.
Thank you with all my heart.


Dear Ola,
I was deeply moved by your message from the fire.
I felt so seen and old wounds started to heal.
A thousand thanks to you!
I wish for every being from the fire to get a message from the fire from you!
From heart to heart.


Dear Ola,
thank you I’m so touched, that I’m crying right now. This is so big. Love you! It is so good for me to be able to see it so clearly.
I listen to the message again and again, it is like an awakening for me. Such a grace, thank you with all my heart.

Hello dear Ola,
I have a hard time to find words for this. It touched me so deeply and gave me so much.
Heart Greetings
Mali Enderlin

about the initiation

Two weeks ago, Ola opened and initiated my space of inner freedom.
With her qualities, she exposed and liberated everything in this space, that prevented me to immerse fully into this inner space of freedom and to live my freedom.
It was also about activating old knowing healing spaces within me, so I can take them to the world in a new way.
My inner space of freedom, a space in my heart that carries hundreds of worlds and a whole universe, is now ready to be inhabited by me.
It requires clear leadership inside and outside. No maybe, no could or should… a clear YES for me and the courage to live what is coming through me and wants to be birthed and created as a healing space for beings and the world itself.
Such a healing experience for me to set clear boundaries on the outside and to distance myself from people that aren’t good for m. Such a healing experience to no longer have to play games because I feel like having to defend myself or to doubt myself.
Thank you, Ola, for your wonderful work.

about detox


Dear Ola,

a big thank you goes to you for the wonderful detox program. The participation gave me an intense time and a lot changed inside and outside.  What a wonderful experience for every organ to be respected, watched and loved to much with all the emotions that have been stored inside of it.
I feel that I’m much more relaxed than two weeks ago. The program drew my attention relentlessly to myself. I discovered what is really important for me: MYSELF!
Everything else follows a natural flow and does not have to be pushed by me.
Thank you for your time and your support and your love.
Rosana Maria Auer


I am so enthusiastic about the visible success that I didn’t catch on everything yet. There are still treasures to be lifted you really have thought of everything. I still feel to be in best hands, thank you so much,
Doris Larina Sahler


Thank you so much for the well-planned and guided program. I say good bye and try to shrink a bit more on my own. See you soon,
Larina Doris Sahler


Thank you so much for the excellent 12 days. I feel great and I’m happy to participate again and again.
Sandra Otth


This program was a wonderful reminder for myself, how I ‘really’ like to feed myself. I will definitely repeat, expand and refine all these tasty recipes with lots of vegetables. I still have no desire for sweets, cakes etc. Nothing I really need.
Through these days I have found that and how it is possible to invest time and love into the preparation, time I thought I didn’t have… and how good it feels. Briefly: for me it means changing my diet completely. Nothing I had planned but I love it. 
Farani Linke


Incredible, that we really did it!!!
Many thanks for this intense program and excellent support. I wouldn’t have made it on my own – the group energy is so helpful. And so many tasty recipes that I will now integrate into my everyday life. The most difficult factor for me was the time required in the kitchen. I take some insights with me, for example that my body does not really need meat or fish. I have rather missed bread, potatoes and pasta. That I need more food during the first half of the day than the second one. That I can satisfy an occasional little hunger with a pear or a carrot. I was able to let stuffed emotions go, that I had carried since the earthquake. I feel energetically ‘lighter’, this is difficult to describe in words. Light, full of joy and motivation.
Thank you!
Hareen Maiwald